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Welcome to the website of Divided We Fall, a group for those who believe the British union is a source of prosperity, security and solidarity for people all across our islands and beyond. Our family of nations is under attack from nationalists, who demand the restoration of economically ruinous and socially divisive medieval borders whilst daring to call themselves progressives.

The case for Britain, a nation which remains one of the chief guardians of the liberal-democratic world against tyrannies and dictatorships, needs to be made across England, Scotland and Wales. For too long the nationalists, often with the support of compliant media and cultural elites, have been making the running in their bid to Balkanise Britain and turn compatriots into foreigners.

This is a fight we can and must win. The economic, cultural and security implications of the disintegration of Britain would be immense and remain underappreciated. Meanwhile many nationalists treat basic democratic norms with contempt, seeking to overturn referendum results and force the public to vote as many times as is needed to deliver the ‘correct’ verdict.

In a turbulent world, with rising authoritarianism and the unpredictable  consequences of upcoming technological revolutions, the partition of Britain would be an act of vandalism. It would be a hammer blow to the liberal-democratic world at just the point it can least be afforded.

If you share our convictions, and believe Britain needs an assertive and self-confident unionism, please do join our movement. There is, whatever the nationalists would have you think, far more that unites than divides us.

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